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There are many reasons to trade with Binary Options but foremost among them is the most uncomplicated of all: its sheer simplicity is enough to attract traders of all caliber and skill. With the many trading platforms that represent binary options, only a handful can be considered as making a name in the financial industry. anyoption has rightfully earned its title as one of the pioneers who took advantage of turning binary options trading as one lucrative opportunity for investment. Launched in 2008, anyoption is headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus and is recognized by the US Securities and Exchange Commission as a financial instrument. As a seasoned professional in the niche of finances, it has been emulated by similar platforms but, has continued to distinguish itself from the others.


At first look, the website looked simple enough, with various tools that I may need when I execute a business exchange. There is no presence of ads that may have pushed me to check other sites elsewhere. On account creation, there were 16 fields required to be accomplished. While some may shy away from entering their personal details, a relatively short time was spent completing the information needed which, to my opinion, are pertinent data that may facilitate future transactions on the site.


Trying out the Live Chat session, a representative came online as soon as the chat

was initiated. The question I posted was answered without delay, in a manner that can be understood even by beginners. The five times a week availability of staff members to engage in chat sessions and email correspondence may not be the highest

in the industry, however, this is compensated by the “Request Callback” feature. Leaving them the number I registered online, and true enough, an account manager called me within the day. He was kind enough to offer help in setting up an account with them. Aside from the availability of international toll-free numbers that you can call, customer service also has multilingual support in 15 languages, including: Arabic, Danish, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian and Russian.

anytabTrading Platform/Features

As with other leading platforms, anyoption is browser-based and requires no special downloads to trade, sparing customers of unnecessary stress of understanding how a software works before they can even start using a platform. Although anyoption have brought innovative methods in binary options, they have managed to keep the conservative and simplistic feel that the website projects since their launch from way back. And with that, it has kept their loyal following and has distanced them from a more modern look that new sites are known for. Efficient tools like the Trading Guide include information that is accessible in just a simple click. A Market News Feed at the right side bar allows one to keep track of current events that may be affecting the fluctuating market prices. One can also subscribe to an SMS service that sends a text message when a contract for an underlying asset is about to expires. Basic Tutorials and creation of a Demo Account is also possible, assisting new tradespersons to experience the world of binary options before real money is involved.

One extraordinary feature that held us in awe was viewing four options with just one chart. This is especially advantageous to those who deal with several options at one time. An added tool, the “Roll Forward” also allows setting the expiration date ahead of time, making extra flexibility necessary to optimize financial opportunities. The “Take Profit”, which can be availed of at a premium fee, allows investors to home in on their profits at five (5) minutes before the expiry time. The “Profit Line”, displaying a real-time graph of profits, is also a smart aspect offered by anyoption. If these are not enough to be impressed about, then wait until we found out that mobile trading is also a gift to the site’s entire clientele. Now, buying and selling can be done even when on the move. Accounts can be monitored through applications for iPhone and Android devices.

Using the highly responsive and intuitive interface of anyoption, we are yet to see another platform display the flexibility it offers to its users. Once an asset has been selected from among the clearly-labeled tabs in the upper portion of the website, one can easily select the CALL or PUT option, and you are ready to wait at the end of the hour, at the end of the day or all the way to the end of the month to collect your profits.

An impressive array of underlying assets is also at your disposal, ranging from Commodities, Currency, Indices and Stocks. Put together, these covers 50 securities and more than a hundred tradable assets, encompassing the regions of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North & South America and the Middle East.


The minimum deposit set for anyoption is $160. However, the minimum amount that can be entered to start a business exchange is $25. Both amounts are minimal and can be managed to be turned to a huge profit. Customers will not have difficulty selecting a convenient method as the standard funding options that can be used for deposits are credit cards, wire transfer and instant banking. The same is true for withdrawals, major credit cards are accepted, as well as via wire transfer.

We found out that, as in other sites, there is a fee for subsequent withdrawals. Now, the first one in a month is definitely free, but the ones you will make after that are charged with a meager fee of $30. From our trials in using the site, a reversal request is executed within three working days.

Payouts and Commissions

anyoption does not lay down false claims when it comes to profit potential. But testaments shared by financiers attest to the 65% to 71% return of investments. When a deal did not go well in your favor, you could still enjoy a 15% return on your amount.

Although neither a VIP package nor a VIP club exists for long time and big financiers, what’s lacking is augmented by cash bonuses that will leave users reeling from their good fortune. Some features are reserved for premium customers and it is in this way that they are being repaid for their continued patronage of the site.

As there are countless brokers out there that anyoption needs to compete and contend with, I would say that they are in the right path in rendering good service to its clients. It has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the exciting sphere of binary options, and will continue to do so in the future.


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